The Diet Bundle


Diet Bundle

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Diet Protein Blend, Fat Burners, Cleanse and Detox, Multi-Vitamin

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Diet Whey Protein Blend – 1kg

Protein is an essential requirement for the maintenance and growth of healthy muscle tissue. When exercising or training it can be difficult to get enough protein through a normal diet and even more difficult to get enough protein without overdoing the calories. This is why concentrated protein powders are necessary for anyone looking to build or maintain lean strong muscle.

Nutra Supplements Diet Whey Protein is an ultra, low carb, low fat formula, allowing you to maintain lean healthy muscle while burning those unwanted fat reserves. Our protein takes this another leap further and includes metabolism boosting compounds with a variety of fat loss aiding, antioxidant and metabolism boosting properties.

Fat Burners – 60 Capsules

Fat burners can be an excellent supplement to speed up the weight loss process. Fat burners, a heathy diet and exercise, are a sure-fire way to shed unwanted fat reserves fast.

The Nutra Supplement optimum formula contains metabolism boosting, fat burning ingredients, helping to not only burn fat, but improve energy outputs during training and throughout the day.

Detox and Cleanse – 60 Capsules

If trying to reduce fat reserves or just improve overall health, detox and cleanse tablets can be very effective if taking the right ones.

Nutra Supplement tablets are 100% natural and contain carefully selected ingredients to help increase energy levels, reduce bloating, aid weight loss and help with detoxification of the digestive system.

Vital-Vits’ – 120 Tablets

A busy lifestyle and training regime makes it difficult to find time to get all the essential vitamins your body requires to maintain and rebuild itself. Vitamin supplements takes the time and stress away from this process.

The Nutra Supplement Vital-vits’ contain a balanced ratio of vitamins to support a healthy body and overall wellbeing.

Note: For nutritional information, ingredients and suggested use, see individual product pages.     


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